The “TYRE BOSS” product is a preventative tyre puncture sealant liquid. When inserted into a tyre, it repairs most punctures from the inside out. “TYRE BOSS” Puncture Sealant was the original effective tyre sealant. It continues to be manufactured (with ISO 9001-2015 certification for “TYRE BOSS” entire operation).

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, and in the present day, there are many Tyre Sealant competitors to “TYRE BOSS”. Some even use the “TYRE BOSS” name – so do not be fooled – this is the only genuine “TYRE BOSS” Puncture Sealant which selling by “GAYATTRI TRADING CO.”

The “GAYATTRI TRADING CO.” has a track record of excellence-based Company in India. You won’t have to experience a breakdown and you will not even know you had a puncture. The product creates a permanent repair, and keeps working for the life of the tyre.

“TYRE BOSS” Puncture Sealant converts any pneumatic tyre into a self-sealing tyre that will maintain air pressure. Over all our years of Trading, no one has suffered any loss, damage or injury through the use of “TYRE BOSS” products. Without doubt the use of “TYRE BOSS” Puncture Sealants has given real benefits to society. “TYRE BOSS” Puncture Sealant creates significant savings in TIME, TYRES, FUEL & MONEY.

Furthermore, due to its unique On Road technology that copes with punctures at speed, “TYRE BOSS” Puncture Sealant has saved lives and enabled drivers who suffer unexpected punctures to overcome the usual dangerous loss of handling. “TYRE BOSS” Puncture Sealant has the unique ability to coat the entire inner surface of a tyre and bead. It ensures heat reduction and by maintaining the tyre pressure it also extends the life of the tyre, minimises tyre wear and reduces fuel consumption. Ultra-Seal’s attributes are unparalleled in the history of the pneumatic tyre!

Why Us


Tyre Boss is working in two form, Heavy Duty and High Speed. Once professionally installed, Tyre Boss will provide permanent puncture protection for the entire life of the tyre. Classified as non-hazardous and eco-friendly. Tyre Boss has been safety approved.


Tyre Boss is applied via the tyre valve stem or directly into the tyre when mounted on the rim. As the tyre rotates, the base is evenly distributed forming a protective barrier inside the tyre. When a puncture occurs, the base instantly seals the hole and creates a permanent seal guaranteed the life of the tyre


Tyre Boss may be installed on any radial tube tyre or bias tubeless tyre and is currently in use around the world on the following types of vehicles:

  • Agricultural (Tractors, Harvesters and Implements).
  • Cargo Trucks.
  • Trailers and Buses.
  • Passengers and 4×4.
  • File and Police.
  • Government and Military.
  • Security and Armoured Vehicles.
  • ATV and Quad Bikes.


  • Environmentally Safe:

The ingredients in Tyre Boss are non-hazardous, non-toxic and biodegradable. The product is fully water soluble and may be washed away with water.

  • ISO 9001-2015 PRODUCT:

Tyre Boss is at the forefront of quality service and customer care.

  • Reduce Vehicle Downtime:

Tyre Boss keeps the vehicle running even after a puncture, reducing the downtime of your vehicles.

  • Reduce Fuel Cost:

Tyre under inflation causes increased rolling resistance which significantly reduces fuel economy. Tyre Boss helps maintain the correct air-pressure, thereby maximizing fuel economy and saving you money on every kilometre that you drive.

  • Helps Maintain Constant Air Pressure:

Tyres can experience slow air loss via punctures, damage to the tyre, wheel or rim or even “Tyre Porosity”. Tyre Boss prevents air-loss by immediately sealing punctures or damage in the tread area.

  • Improves Safety Conditions:

Tyre Boss has been approved and accredited for use in Underground Mining where safety requirements are considered to be the highest in the Country.


  • Tyre Boss Puncture Sealant is pumped in the tyre via the air valve.
  • When the tyre rotates the sealant gets evenly distributed.
  • When a puncture occurs in the tyre, the sealant acts up and fills the hole.
  • Thus, not letting any air pass out of the puncture.